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Yahoo/Skype Messenger + webcam (Public Post)

My time is more important than you; Get that through your stupid brain! I hate receiving chat requests and add requests from losers I do not know. I find it insulting for you to think you are that important and don't need to pay tribute to speak to me. I get a ridiculous amount of emails daily you are NOT the only loser that's aching to talk to me don't waste my time. I DO have a Yahoo and Skype account. Though I am rarely on Skype because I just prefer Yahoo. But only my true devoted pets/slaves get access to my messengers free. If you are not my pet you may NOT add me or contact me on my messenger until you have sent me a proper tribute. Minimum I will take for you to be able to add me is $50. Get the appropriate tribute account here and then once you have account ready to send me my cash Email me at (Address the email subject: Chat ID tribute) and let me know which tribute account you will be using to find out where to send my tribute. I despise having my time wasted by worthless wankers so unless I HAVE your tribute in my account I won't waste any time on you. If you don't think I am worth $50 then you are simply not worth my time. Do you know how many losers want to talk to me daily? Lol so why the fuck would I waste it talking to some moron who doesn't even know my worth?! Exactly not gonna happen!

I do not technically have a "schedule" of when I am on. But I am usually on daily. I do not work and my classes are all online so I awake up and sleep whenever I want. But don't expect me to be on 24/7 and don't think you can chat away daily pestering me without paying more for my attention. And definitely don't think you can be rude/demand things just because you paid a tribute. I will also giving MY pets the privilege of my cell# so they can text me after three straight months of serving me without displeasing me.

Now cam is a very rare privilege if you get to see me on cam consider yourself one very lucky bitch! As it is not something I offer frequently. And don't expect a 'cam show'.  I'll be sitting or laying comfortably not always paying attention to the cam. So basically it's Worship cam with little interaction unless you pay enough to make me want to pay attention to you. And depending on my mood  I may just make you kneel at my feet :) also note that cam time is not cheap! And I want cash tributes for it though on occasion if I know you well I will let you take me shopping if I'm in the mood but be ready to fill those virtually bags to the brim!

I am real and CAM/ID VERIFIED on the following sites: Facebook cam verified group (cam verified) (cam verified) (cam verified) (ID verified) Dailymotion clips and yes you may add me on these sites if you have an account :)

Cash, Goddess

Publlic - Banner/Wallpaper

As mentioned on my facebook I had puppy working all night making me a vertical banner. It is finally done and  I love it though when uploading it did get artifacts :( but for now it will do just fine. Now pets go post my banner up on your web-pages, blogs, or whatever else you use just let me know where you're putting it. Link back to my LJ. I better see my new banner at top :) puppy is still working on a couple more for me but for now these are my favorites ♥ .

And he also made a pretty wall paper
1152x648  | 1280x720 | 1360x765 | 1680x945 | 1920x1080

And since puppy was such a good lil pup and stayed up all night making my banners he got rewarded by my lovely feet and was allowed to cum for me. What better treat for a pet than to be under his Masters feet *smile*

A very happy puppy indeed :) I also recorded a clip of puppy while he was smelling my feet, sucking toes, and being lightly foot slapped which will cost $20 if you want it let me know. Mmm and look at all those present boxes I might have to do some box crushing clips soon lol :)

I also mentioned sum hot new pictures but you will have to wait till tomorrow as I am going to watch movies right now hehe look forward to tomorrow pets <3 and surprise me by stopping by my wishlist and getting me some presents/giftcards or my fav♥ dropping off some nice cash through paypal/alertpay/mail. xxx

Oh and I almost forgot new boi paulie also deserves a mention after being such a good boi and dropping (2) $200 Amazon giftcards to read my LJ mmm keep up the good work paulie hope to get to know you better :) I enjoy adding new long term good pets to my collection ♥

How about you other fuckers do the same and raise my balance even higher! (:
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BANNED + Info - Public

This my currently Blocked list. If you're not gonna pay for something do not bid. Simple, don't you think? If you can resist paying for an item then you can resist clicking that fucking bid button! If you have an actual reason why you did not pay or why you got on my bad side (if not ebanned related) and want to fix it then I suggest you get your clicker over to amazon and email me a $100 apology giftcard and a 1 paragraph apology letter (would make it longer but amazon only allows 500 characters). Your apology letter must be sent with your giftcard to ensure I get it because your emails have most likely been blocked also. I have just started blocking so the list is not big. You may also send it in cash with a lovely written apology letter which would show you went through more effort for me. See tribute address below

Blocked List

  • Ebannned: Mellow [Emails: ]
  • Ebanned: Shoebuyerslut [Emails: ]
  • Ebanned: Ordramper [Emails: ]
  • Steven Abramson [Emails:, ]
  • Submissivefootman [Emails: ]
  • Alessiodannunzio [Emails: ]

If you're looking to tribute me you may also send a Amazon giftcard to or send well concealed CASH to my tribute address. Ask me for it.

And I also set up my formspring account :) so you may ask me questions. I will be making them a part of my LJ on sum Mondays. So I won't be answering till then but you can still ask ;) If your question doesn't get answered then either #1 I did not get it, #2 I didn't understand you, or #3 you were rude. 
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My Live Journal is Private only Good boys are allowed to view

My Live Journal is PRIVATE meaning I must add you as a friend & place in in a "special group" in order for you to see everything I post. You may add me but you will not be able to read anything nor see any exclusive pictures/clips I post on my LJ. In order to be added as a VIP member to my Live Journal you must serve me by tribute weekly (Don't be cheap) ♥ I love ChaseQuickPay and AmazonSimplePay tributes ♥ But do have a few more options for non-US pets. If you don't tribute me on time I will delete your ass and you will not be able to come back to Worship me on here,

Chase quick pay has a auto payment option which I really enjoy :)

I'm not here for your entertainment you are here for mine so unless you plan on serving me don't bother wasting my time! Apply to be owned by me fill out my application: Slave Application


I am interested in
Financial Servitude ♥ Human atms ♥ Shopping bitches ♥ Rent Payers ♥ Pay Pigs ♥ Consensual Blackmail ♥ Computer Control ♥ Teamviewer ♥

♥ Human Toilets ♥ Sub Pets (Human pups and kitties) ♥ Sissy's ♥ Forced femme ♥ Forced intox ♥

♥ Chastity ♥ Humiliation ♥ Tease and Denial ♥ Orgasm control ♥ Orgasm denial ♥ Painsluts ♥ CBT ♥ Blue balls ♥ Assignments ♥ Key Holding ♥

♥ Being completely Worshiped from head to toe and spoiled/pampered by submissive pets ♥

I do not offer phone! And I am not a "cam show girl" either. I am cam verified on and group on facebook: Cam Verified Dommes and I also have a Verification clips on youtube. So don't dare ask for free cam verify! If you want the privilege of seeing me on my Webcam to "verify" I am real then pay for it $100 cash min. And just because you paid $100 does NOT mean you can direct or boss me around! If you ever once come off as a demanding disobedient asshole I will block you! You've been warned.
If you do not see your fetish listed you may email me to ask if it interests me. I may have just forgotten to list it :)

To see pictures and clips of me click here idiot read my entire wix page.
Cash, Goddess

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