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Publlic - Banner/Wallpaper

As mentioned on my facebook I had puppy working all night making me a vertical banner. It is finally done and  I love it though when uploading it did get artifacts :( but for now it will do just fine. Now pets go post my banner up on your web-pages, blogs, or whatever else you use just let me know where you're putting it. Link back to my LJ. I better see my new banner at top :) puppy is still working on a couple more for me but for now these are my favorites ♥ .

And he also made a pretty wall paper
1152x648  | 1280x720 | 1360x765 | 1680x945 | 1920x1080

And since puppy was such a good lil pup and stayed up all night making my banners he got rewarded by my lovely feet and was allowed to cum for me. What better treat for a pet than to be under his Masters feet *smile*

A very happy puppy indeed :) I also recorded a clip of puppy while he was smelling my feet, sucking toes, and being lightly foot slapped which will cost $20 if you want it let me know. Mmm and look at all those present boxes I might have to do some box crushing clips soon lol :)

I also mentioned sum hot new pictures but you will have to wait till tomorrow as I am going to watch movies right now hehe look forward to tomorrow pets <3 and surprise me by stopping by my wishlist and getting me some presents/giftcards or my fav♥ dropping off some nice cash through paypal/alertpay/mail. xxx

Oh and I almost forgot new boi paulie also deserves a mention after being such a good boi and dropping (2) $200 Amazon giftcards to read my LJ mmm keep up the good work paulie hope to get to know you better :) I enjoy adding new long term good pets to my collection ♥

How about you other fuckers do the same and raise my balance even higher! (:
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