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This my currently Blocked list. If you're not gonna pay for something do not bid. Simple, don't you think? If you can resist paying for an item then you can resist clicking that fucking bid button! If you have an actual reason why you did not pay or why you got on my bad side (if not ebanned related) and want to fix it then I suggest you get your clicker over to amazon and email me a $100 apology giftcard and a 1 paragraph apology letter (would make it longer but amazon only allows 500 characters). Your apology letter must be sent with your giftcard to ensure I get it because your emails have most likely been blocked also. I have just started blocking so the list is not big. You may also send it in cash with a lovely written apology letter which would show you went through more effort for me. See tribute address below

Blocked List

  • Ebannned: Mellow [Emails: Stuinnovi@sbcglobal.net ]
  • Ebanned: Shoebuyerslut [Emails: Ankasshoeslut@yahoo.com ]
  • Ebanned: Ordramper [Emails: Ordfueler@gmail.com ]
  • Steven Abramson [Emails: Wearetheanswer@live.com, Steven_abramson1638@hotmail.com ]
  • Submissivefootman [Emails: Submissivefootman@yahoo.com ]
  • Alessiodannunzio [Emails: alessiodannunzio@yahoo.com ]

If you're looking to tribute me you may also send a Amazon giftcard to PrettyKitten13@gmail.com or send well concealed CASH to my tribute address. Ask me for it.

And I also set up my formspring account :) so you may ask me questions. I will be making them a part of my LJ on sum Mondays. So I won't be answering till then but you can still ask ;) If your question doesn't get answered then either #1 I did not get it, #2 I didn't understand you, or #3 you were rude. 
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