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My Live Journal is PRIVATE meaning I must add you as a friend & place in in a "special group" in order for you to see everything I post. You may add me but you will not be able to read anything nor see any exclusive pictures/clips I post on my LJ. In order to be added as a VIP member to my Live Journal you must serve me by tribute weekly (Don't be cheap) ♥ I love ChaseQuickPay and AmazonSimplePay tributes ♥ But do have a few more options for non-US pets. If you don't tribute me on time I will delete your ass and you will not be able to come back to Worship me on here,

Chase quick pay has a auto payment option which I really enjoy :)

I'm not here for your entertainment you are here for mine so unless you plan on serving me don't bother wasting my time! Apply to be owned by me fill out my application: Slave Application


I am interested in
Financial Servitude ♥ Human atms ♥ Shopping bitches ♥ Rent Payers ♥ Pay Pigs ♥ Consensual Blackmail ♥ Computer Control ♥ Teamviewer ♥

♥ Human Toilets ♥ Sub Pets (Human pups and kitties) ♥ Sissy's ♥ Forced femme ♥ Forced intox ♥

♥ Chastity ♥ Humiliation ♥ Tease and Denial ♥ Orgasm control ♥ Orgasm denial ♥ Painsluts ♥ CBT ♥ Blue balls ♥ Assignments ♥ Key Holding ♥

♥ Being completely Worshiped from head to toe and spoiled/pampered by submissive pets ♥

I do not offer phone! And I am not a "cam show girl" either. I am cam verified on Dommeslaves.com and group on facebook: Cam Verified Dommes and I also have a Verification clips on youtube. So don't dare ask for free cam verify! If you want the privilege of seeing me on my Webcam to "verify" I am real then pay for it $100 cash min. And just because you paid $100 does NOT mean you can direct or boss me around! If you ever once come off as a demanding disobedient asshole I will block you! You've been warned.
If you do not see your fetish listed you may email me to ask if it interests me. I may have just forgotten to list it :)

To see pictures and clips of me click here idiot read my entire wix page.


Cash, Goddess
Goddess Jacq Lush
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February 2012


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